Movenpick Hotel, Cebu

Although we are not staying at the actual hotel, we are staying at the Movenpick ‘Residences’ adjacent to the hotel and sharing the same lobby. At first look as we arrive in the evening, I am reminded of the ‘W’ hotel brand due to the lights, music, and overall energy of the place.

I actually book the studio we stay in for a couple of nights through ‘Roomorama‘ and get an amazing deal at around $US100 per night as opposed to 3 times that if at the hotel. For an extra 300 Pesos per day (about $US8) I have full use of all the resort’s facilities, so it really is a bargain.

I am surprised at the number of Korean holidaymakers – usually it is Japanese but not here on Cebu. Most signs are bilingual with Korean, and an abundance of Korean restaurants and food items on the hotel’s menus.

The facilities at the hotel and fine; the pool clean and the private beach just the right size. The Ibiza Beach Club is a load of fun in the evenings and we enjoy a grand show one evening, and 2 for 1 cocktails the second evening.

Although we don’t have a meal at the hotel, there are a number of local eateries close by which we try instead, ranging from $US4 for a hearty BBQ-style local dinner, to $US20 for an ‘upmarket’ seafood restaurant just across the road.

The only -tive thing I can think of is the often ‘suffocating’ guest service that I guess you find all over the Philippines – constant hovering around you and making sure everything is OK literally every step of the way.





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