Flight Review: MI544 – SIN – CEB; Business Class

65,000 SQ points for 2 x ‘Business Saver Award’ flights on this Silk Air flight from Singapore to Cebu. Well worth the points on SQ’s regional airline as it is a good 3.5 hours.

After a short time in the SQ ‘SilverKris’ Lounge, partner and I are the first to board the plane in seats 2A and 2C in a 4 seat x 4 row exclusive cabin, where we are the only passengers!

As soon as we settle in to our oversized plush leather seats, we are welcomed (again) on board and offered a choice of water of juice prior to take-off (where’s the Champagne???). We both go for water and soon a menu is handed to us to choose from either Beef Cheek or an Asian Noodle dish. We choose one of each. When it comes 30 mins into the flight, I am pleasantly surprised at how delicious it is and plentiful the servings are. I choose garlic bread from the bread basket and enjoy a glass of French red with my meal.

The rest of the flight is spent sleeping in the generous recline the seat gives, and alternating between a number of videos on the new SilkAir studio – which is essentially a wireless system hooked up to individual Levano pads.

A good flight, and looking forward to the return one!



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