British Airways Lounge, Changi T1

I usually enter the Qantas Singapore Lounge when I am flying Oneworld but thought today I might give the BA lounge a go. Not really worth it though as it lacks so much of what the Qantas lounge has to offer.

For a start, atmosphere…

The BA lounge, although nicely decked out, it deathly quiet – just the slightest hum of background music so soft, that you need to concentrate very hard to hear it.

Secondly, the food…

The buffet selection is abysmal compared to the Qantas Lounge. There is only one hot item, ‘Cream of Asparagus’ soup. The cold selection comprises of a cheese platter and sandwiches (pretty standard stuff). Qantas has a Neil Perry a la carte service and a full hot buffet with a number of choices.

Actually, now that I think about it, I gonna ditch this lounge for the Qantas Lounge next door 🙂




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