Flight Review: SQ172 – SIN – HCM

Flight to Ho Chi Min is relatively short – around 1hr 20 mins.

I am sitting unusually in a window seat, 31K, in the first row behind Business class. I wish 31I was available as I could have had no blockages in front of me – mine is a bulkhead seat.

Slightly delayed but the tail wind pushes us to an on-time landing.

Soon after the hot towels are passed out the meal service begins. I have again ore-ordered a Kosher meal and to be honest I am getting a bit tired of the repetitive baked salmon massive meal I get each time. It seems to be a lottery of either the salmon or the chicken which I suppose I will get on the Hanoi – SIN leg next week.

I don’t bother watching a movie as the flight is so short. Instead I listen to J-pop and J-classics and read my current novel, ‘The Bourne Dominion’.

Pleasant flight. Exceptional service.

Rating: 7.5/10






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