Flight Review: BA499 – LIS – LHR

Flight to Heathrow on this Airbus A320 is not too full, and partner and I have the first row behind Club World on this 2 hour flight. The is no one in the aisle seat so we enjoy a little bit of extra space.

Being the first row to receive a meal is not always a good thing. Today the meal, a panini with meat, cheese, and capsicum is frozen throughout, so I literally leave it in the sunlight to thaw for 15mins. When I bite into it, it is soggy. Disgusting. The flight attendant brings me another and it is the same. Finally he offers me the vegetarian option which is better.

Again on this shuttle flight there is no entertainment so I take out my book and read it for the duration of the flight.

The plane lands on time but we have to catch a bus to the terminal. Club World get their own bus. Annoying as they only fill half the bus but no one else is allowed on. We have to wait for the next one.

Rating: 3/10



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