The Qantas Singapore Lounge

It’s my 5th? 6th? time here. And it just gets better each time.

After partner and I check in we make our way to the bar where Singapore’s finest bar tender, Kassey, is ready and waiting to make my straight Vodka Martini and partner’s Mimosa ‘with a twist’.

As we are watching our drinks being prepared, Michelle, the friendly Duty Manager comes and greets us and takes the time to chat with us for 10 mins or so which is lovely.

After our drinks she escorts us to the restaurant where I go for Neil Perry’s Grilled Salmon with Warm White Bean Salad and Citrus Mayonnaise (heavenly delicious) and partner has Pork Ma Po Tofu with Fragrant Rice (which I hear is equally fabulous).

After dinner (and remember this is a lounge!) we go back to the bar for a sneaky Espresso and Chocolate Martini before boarding our flight to London.









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