Flight Review: SQ958 – SIN – JKT

Economy is 100% full so there is no chance to move from my seat, 40G, an aisle seat halfway down the back of this Airbus 777. The guy sitting next to me is constantly tapping his foot on the floor throughout the whole flight which is really annoying.

Lucky thing is it is only an 80 mins flight time to Jakarta, so I switch on Krisworld and watch 2 very funny episodes of Modern family whilst eating my ‘massive’ Kosher meal. Baked salmon, potatoes and vegetables, Passover cake, chocolate mousse, fruit salad, and Matza! And the itinerary said ‘light meal’. The annoying guy next to me has just that – a small mutton and rice dish with a single side dessert. Go Kosher! Highly recommended.

With only 40 mins left on the flight, I lie back and listen to my favourite 90s J-pop selection.

And then touchdown – on time as usual with SQ.

Rating: 7.5/10 (fabulous service – hot towels, smiles, and ‘can-‘ attitude 🙂

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