Lounge Review: Citibank Lounge, Jakarta International Airport

Well this is a surprise.

I left my ANZ Visa travel card at home so lost the chance to enter the premier lounge. I had my Priority Pass with me but didn’t particularly want to waste it on the low quality of lounge that it looked to be. And I couldn’t use my Velocity Platinum card as SQ used a joint lounge…..ah, what to do?

So then suddenly out of the blue (literally) pops the Citibank lounge and I just happened to have one of the cards that gives you free entry – Citibank Premier Miles Visa card.

Lucky me. Definitely not one of the better lounges I have been to; a little shoddy and dirty and a food buffet kinda spread all over the place but hey, unexpected so OK.

I fill my plate with an eclectic assortment of goodies including a butter chicken, garlic/chili pasta, Indonesian satay-type something-or-other and a warm beer (there were none left in the fridge 🙂

Wifi is advertised but non-existent, so use my roaming data plan to check Facebook.

It’s nice when the unexpected comes about!



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