Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta

The Hotel Mulia Jakarta is a small local 5 star luxury brand with a resort I believe also located in Bali.

The luxury starts at the airport where I am picked up by a black Mercedes Benz and chauffeured to the massive hotel entrance – with cars and taxis queueing just to drop guests off. Part of this is caused by the intense security required after the WTC (where I am working!) and JR Marriott hotel bombings a few years back.

Another security check at the hotel entrance glass doors and I am in.

And what a surprise indeed. Beautiful! And a lovely fragrance in the air. I am guided to the check-in area and greeted with a smile and welcome etc. and am told of the features of my room rate and given a small upgrade to their second level room in the 25th floor (rooms start on level 6).

I make my way up and bags soon follow. Although not a suite (which I would usually have at a Hilton family hotel), it is still relatively large with a huge King+ size bed. 3 apples greet me on the coffee table as I look around and check out the amenities.

Over the next few days I try out the functional gym, massive outdoor swimming pool, spa, indoor hot tubs, sauna and steam room.

Breakfast each morning is in the restaurant downstairs and there is an endless amount of choices. Even the coffee, American filter-style which I normally can’t stand is good.

One thing to mention is the phenomenal guest service and attention to detail I receive throughout the stay. A real pleasure to come back to after a day at work.






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