Flight Review: SQ 693 – JKT – SIN

Flight is delayed by over 30 mins resulting in a late arrive – admittedly not the fault of SQ, but annoying nonetheless.

Squashed in seat 51H – way back of the plane. This is the last flight as a blue Krisflyer member – this flight gives me enough Elite Krisflyer miles to get me to Silver level. Yay me! Hopefully I’ll have a better seat choice moving forward 🙂

Whilst sitting on the tarmac, some crew members take orders for drinks, so I ask for a water which comes almost immediately.

My meal is Kosher again and I am hoping it is not salmon (again) – and I am in luck! It is sweet and sour chicken with mashed potato. This is complemented by a side of smoked salmon, matza (Passover), fruit salad, and a matzameal cake. I enjoy this with a glass of red.

*Highlight* of the flight is the 87 min movie, “Three Peas In A Pod” about 3 uni friends in Melbourne who take a graduation road trip. Students are from Taiwan, Singapore, and Korea. And it has a theme close to my heart… So for those who know me you’ll know it resonated strongly with me. I don’t normally watch foreign titles on a plane but think I will start to do so from now on.

Rating: 7/10 (seat 51H is just too far back)




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