Flight Review: CX 162 – SYD – HKG

I am lucky to be have placed on seat 39K, which is a bulkhead seat right behind Premium Economy with more leg room than an Emergency Exit row seat. The only negative I can find with this seat is the TV screen is nearly triple the distance in front compared to a normal seat.

I have ordered a Kosher meal for some reason forgetting the food of Cathay is generally the best of all Asian airlines. I suppose I have kosher on my Qantas profile (as food on Qantas is terrible) and I booked this flight through the QF website…
It is not too bad – a hot chicken casserole with vegetables, rice-puff crisps, fruit, an apple crumble, and tea/coffee.

The menus and discount duty free vouchers are passed out as soon as the seatbelt sign is switched off but surprisingly there are not hot towels which one generally receives on Asian airlines.

I sit back and enjoy no doubt the first of a few movies on this 8.45 hour flight – “Runner Runner”. It actually turns out to be four in a row!

The second meal service comes around 2 hours before we land. It is a beef stew with mashed potato, the same corn-puff crisps, fruit, and apple cake 🙂

An easy flight, plenty of room, attendants with a smile, and movies galore.

Rating: 8.5/10





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