Hotel Review: Hilton Odawara Spa and Resort

From the moment I check in until the moment I check out, it is smiles all round by the exeptional Hilton Odawara staff. It really is a pleasure to stay at this resort – each and every guest is made to feel so special.

As I get off the complimentary shuttle bus from JR Odawara station to the resort, I am greeted by a porter who asks me, “Are you Mr. XXX” – to which I reply, “…Yes! How did you know?”. I suppose it could be because I am the only non-Japanese staying here tonight. But it was a thrill to be ‘recognised’ nonetheless.

At check-in at the Hhonors desk I am immediately upgraded to the ‘Japanese Western Jnr Suite’ which is a harmonious mix of East Vs. West with the choice of either Western beds on one side, or traditional Japanese Futons on Tatami mats on the other side. I go all out and ask them to make up my Futon whilst I am out enjoying the hot spring.

Ah, the hot spring. So relaxing and empty on this Thursday night! I feel like it is a private spa all to myself. Both indoor and outdoor tubs are spacious and filled with hot spring water which flows freely in this Volcanic area nearby Mt Fuji.

Being a ‘spa’ resort, there is a whole section dedicated to water therapy – a 25 metre swimming pool, a variety of whirlpools and jets, steam room and sauna. Bliss!

Being a Diamond HHonors member I am given entry to the ‘Ocean Lounge’ – kind of like Hilton’s Executive Lounge you would find at most other hotels but this is more casual/contemporary in style. It is actually really cool – with free flowing bottle Asahi beer, Australian (!?) wines, tea/coffee, canapes, etc. It is cozy, warm, and a again, empty on this Thursday night and Friday afternoon (where I come back for afternoon tea!).

Breakfast is also a delight – mainly due to the staff that just blow me away with their amazingly friendly service and attention to detail. In fact out of all the Hilton family of hotels I have stayed at around the world, this hotel would have to have the highest level of guest service I have ever seen. They genuinely LOVE their job. Kudos to the hotel manager!

A fabulous stay and highly recommended!










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