The Qantas Singapore Lounge, Changi Airport

Thoroughly enjoying yet another fabulous experience at Qantas’ flagship lounge.

My guests and I enjoy a glass of sparkling wine upon arrival at the well appointed and stocked bar, served by two very friendly and obliging bartenders. Standouts were Eric and Ronald – fantastic service all round!

The manager of the lounge also was amazing personally welcoming guests and engaging in conversation which is something I don’t often see.

The food is top notch too! The a la carte menu this evening is ‘Beef Kway Teow in Fragrant Broth’ and ‘Gong Bao Chicken With Steamed Jasmine Rice’ – both Neil Perry’s creations. I go for the chicken and it is delicious. My guest chooses the beef and the reaction is similar.

Cocktail time! Espresso Martinis best in Singapore! Have both a classic and a contemporary version with chocolate swirls running on the edge of the glass.
Hint: Ask Ronaldo – brilliant mixologist!! And his Singapore Slings are better than Raffles!

Love this lounge and can’t wait to come again!




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