Flight Review: NH051 – HND – SIN

Disappointed at check-in to learn the aircraft is again not the Dreamliner as advertised. Based on my ANA experience going to Japan I know it is going to be a terrible flight.

And I am not wrong…

The seats on this B767-300 are so uncomfortable, cramped, and narrow, that I don’t know how anyone larger than myself could comfortably fit in them (and I am reasonably slim).

Being a night flight all I want to do is sleep, but it proves to be difficult in these seats. And again we are woken up at 3.30am – a good 2 hours before we land for breakfast. I can’t understand why.

Anyway, I choose the Japanese breakfast with has a variety of local delicacies which isn’t too bad.

The one and only thing going for this flight is the service, which again is amazing – nothing is too difficult and each request is received with a warm smile.

I think this will be the last time I fly ANA and will continue with SG next time as my Star Alliance choice.

Rating: 6/10




2 thoughts on “Flight Review: NH051 – HND – SIN

  1. That sucks.Sorry you had a bad experience each way. You’ll need to fly SQ from here on out. I stopped my connections with Star Alliance because ANA and United are the main carriers out of Japan. ANA (and JAL) have the most incredibly tight seats! I had a panic attack once because I couldn’t even sit in the seat and get my legs to fit without turning to the side. Terribly small! Also, the ONLY time I’ve ever had to get a seatbelt extension was on ANA.

    1. Business class looked ok though as I walked towards my economy seat. I have flown JAL business class before – was amazing except the seats didn’t fully recline flat…

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