Flight Review: SQ997 – MYR – SYD

Today I am in the second row of economy – 32C.

The pre-flight service is similar to that received in the way over with hot mildly scented white towelettes handed out to all passages. Another refreshing start.

Unfortunately the AV system in my row is not functioning so passengers
in my row are somewhat bored for the duration of the flight. As a form of compensation we are all given a US$75 voucher for the trouble which can be use for up to a year on any inflight Duty-free purchases.

Beverages come and and I have a local beer and a packet of mixed nuts.

I have again pre-ordered a seafood meal for my lunch and this time it is a rather tasteless piece of white fish in a tomato sauce complemented with vegetables and a shrimp salad. I wash this down with a glass of red.

With no AV or reading material, I try and get some sleep.

It works.

Rating 5/10.


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