Flight Review: SQ998 – SIN – MYR

When I tried to select my seat a few weeks back, only middle seats towards the back of the plane were available. As of yesterday, a seat in the first row of economy – 31C became available, so I grabbed it. The only drawback: a baby on one side and an infant on the other. How luck can change…

The pre-flight service starts with hot mildly scented white towelettes handed out to all passages. A refreshing start.

In fact it is these ongoing little touches that make this flight a pleasure. For instance my second coffee is served on a mini-tray – not just dumped on my fold-down table. The continual smile and ‘can-do’ attitude each time I ask for something (a Singapore Sling, second coffee).

My pre-ordered seafood meal is nice,
consisting of a salmon omelette, hashed potatoes, and asparagus. A fruit basket and wholemeal roll complements the meal.

I watch a new release on ‘Krisworld’ – “Gambit”, starring Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz. It’s a hoot.

And then there is the ‘onboard’ bathroom – with amenities including face cream, hand lotion, and mint mouthwash.

Rating: 8.5/10







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