Air NZ Koru Club, Wellington Domestic

This is such a lovely lounge with wonderful service! Bright, airy, and spacious best describes the ambiance.

I easily find myself a table in front of one of the many TVs throughout this vast lounge, order a chocolate cappuccino, and serve myself a creamy Bircher muesli with additional dry muesli to give it a crunchy feel.

The staff are lovely – Gita clears my table without paying much attention to what she is doing, and I say ‘Thank you Gita!’ which puts a beaming smile on her face – someone having recognized her service. I hope I have made we day.

Scrambled eggs, roast tomatoes, and a variety of toasts make up the hot selection of breakfast items – piping hot and delicious.

I have just noticed there is a delicious selection of home made cookies and slices (a bit naughty for breakfast, Nigella) but the interesting thing is recipe cards are provided – pre-laminated for guests to take home and try for themselves. Very innovative AirNZ!

This lounge beats their international flagship lounge in Sydney (and Welly) by a long shot…





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