Hotel Review: Santa Grand Hotel Lai Chun Yuen

The Santa Grand Hotel Lai Chun Yuen in Chinatown, Singapore, would have to be one of the most beautiful boutique hotels I have stayed at. Rich, deep red colours highlight throughout, and as you step into the lobby area, you feel like you are stepping into a museum – literally, as there are framed pictures of the Chinese opera with explanation panels all over the walls.

But the rooms are incredibly ‘compact’ – about 15 sqm for my ‘single’ category room. Yet, this is all the room I need.

The staff are very welcoming and there is an endearing old porter in uniform T the entrance always ready on hand to give directions with a smile. He is actually a bit of a joker as well which adds to his personality.

Breakfast is sparse, western, and boring to be honest. But being located in Chinatown there is Kaya Toast and coffee everywhere.

At $AUD 140 for 2 nights including breakfast, the value is there. Especially the location – literally 2 mins walk along Temple street to the entrance.






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