Flight Review: CX451 – TKO – TPE

A slightly newer plane than the one we used to get to Tokyo a few day earlier, and I am slightly irritate that Business Class is the brand new product that has been recently advertised. Of course when we flew Business Class last week on points it was the older product.
Alas, I am flying Economy on this flight.

Not to worry too much as Economy has the shell-seat which doesn’t recline per say, but rather slides down so as to not disturb the passenger behind you.

I am fast asleep before take-off but quickly wake up hearing the calls for ‘Drinks? Hot or cold?’, coming from a few rows in front. Although not on the Economy menu, I ask for the special Kiwi and Coconut drink I had in Business Class a few days earlier. The flight attendant winks at me a little too close for comfort and whispers he will go and get me one in just a sec with a smile not dissimilar to that of a naughty boy.

It quickly arrives and I close my eyes with each sip imagining I am on one of those brand new lie-flat Business Class cubicle seats I missed out on…

Meal service is quick and efficient with a choice of fish or chicken. I choose chicken which comes with steamed rice and a teriyaki sauce. Not bad.

A reasonably short flight, so I kill time watching a movie and before I know it we have landed in Taipei.

Rating: 7.5/10







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