Flight Review: QF47 – SYD – WEL

Seat 13C is an emergency exit (EE) row on this Boeing 737-800 – a 3 x 3 seating configuration aircraft. Of course the benefits of this row is that there is ample leg room in front of you – and with no-one next to me the bonuses keep on adding up. But the downfall with all EE rows is that the seats do not recline. So this is something to consider when choosing this row – do you want leg room or recline comfort.

The overly chirpy flight attendant goes through the procedure of what passengers in this row must do should there be an emergency landing. Fingers crossed her explanation won’t be necessary…

We take off on time, and before long w are told due to the stronger than usual tail winds we will be pushed to our destination 15 mins ahead of schedule 🙂

I settle back, stretch my legs, and watch “The Perks of being a Wallflower” – a great little movie starring Emma Watson from the Harry Potter series.

Meal service comes along quickly and swiftly The fight attendant offers me a choice of hot breakfast (sausages, hashed potato, scrambled eggs) with a bread roll, OJ and yogurt – which I choose – or the alternative which is a continental option. It isn’t too bad at all but I am full after my ‘McMuffin’ in the Business Class lounge.

Qantas is improving – it needs to with other big players on these competitive routes.

Rating: 8.5/10



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