Koru Lounge; Wellington International Airport

If it wasn’t for the crying baby blasting everyone’s eardrums for a good part of an hour, it would have been a much more pleasant stay in this lounge. I found a spot on the far end of the mostly empty lounge, far away from noisy distractions, poured myself a sneaky glass (or two) of Marlborough Pinot, and caught up with my emails.

Feeling slightly peckish 30 mins into my mail, I opted for a corned beef and salad quarter rye sandwich and an apple and a pear. It fit the bill perfectly.

As I am on a ‘Seat and Bag’ only fare, I stealthily slipped a can of Sprite (sugar-free) and a piece of apple crumble slice into my carry-on bag to enjoy on the plane.

Bon Voyage!



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