Qantas Business Lounge; Sydney International Airport

Unlike Virgin, Qantas doesn’t give Gold and below FF’s ‘Express Lane’ passes, so I line up for around 15 mins at Passport Check, and then another 10 mins or so to get my baggage scanned amongst pushing international tourists and crying babies.

Thank goodness for the sanctuary of the Qantas Business Lounge.

I am greeted with a genuine smile by both perfectly manicured ladies at reception, boarding pass is scanned, and I am ushered into the lounge which, this morning, is relatively empty.

I make my why directly to the Barista
who makes me a delicious Latte.

I decide to sit at the counter bar instead of the buffet today and opt for the Neil Perry ‘Chefs’ special plate, described deliciously as a freshly prepared Bacon and Egg muffin. It turns out to be an unwrapped McMuffin from MacDonalds (or at least it looks like one). But – looks can be deceiving. It tastes delicious.

After a relaxing 20 mins in the lounge, I hear the boarding call! And off I go.






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