Virgin Lounge, Sydney Domestic T2

I carefully make my way through the Virgin Premium check-in wing of the airport to make sure I don’t get stopped by a security check person for a bomb test and asked the obvious question, ‘Have you done this before?’ – I mean really, only DJ Gold and Plats can enter through here and there is a 100% chance that yes they have done this many times before….

It works.

I slide through the baggage security scan to the comfort and safety of ‘The Lounge’.

I find an empty table, plonk down my overweight onboard bag (11 kgs), and make my way to the barista who makes a fine Skinny flat white.

Breakfast for me is a piece of multigrain
toast, a slice of meat, cheese, ad a hard-boiled egg, followed by 2 Vitawheats and a dash of milk (no sugar).

OK – breakfast is finished.

Now the wait begins to board. And I AM
bored 🙂

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