Hotel Review: Residence 26, Tel Aviv, Israel.

According to my friend this hotel is in the dodgy end of town – and yes, it is – homeless, probably drugs and prostitution. now I know why it is so cheap – about USD 70 per night – which is a bargain as the room is large and clean with hot water and a kitchenette.

But it’s all good – I am in Israel after all and it is safe, no matter how scary it looks.

Check in here is a bit weird. I enter and there are 2 people eating in the adjacent cafe – they see me waiting at the counter (which is empty). About 6 minutes later one of them gets up and walks behind the counter to serve me. I’m like, you saw me standing here and your lunch was more important than checking in a guest 🤪🤪🤪

Besides that he is friendly and after I get the key, take the elevator 🙏🙏🙏 to the 2nd floor where my room is located.

Would I stay here again? Probably yes – location is a 5 minute walk to Hahagana Train station – and a 25 min ride to the airport. And most importantly it is cheap and clean. Oh – and there is an awesome cafe nearby – Arcaffe 👍

Arcaffe – nearby the hotel – highly recommend!

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