Flight Review: OS858 – TLV – VIE

I am sitting in Emergency Exit seat 16A, a window seat, on this Austrian Airlines Airbus A320 aircraft from Tel Aviv bound for Vienna.

The seat, although with plenty of leg room being an emergency exit seat, is thin and hard, has a ‘plasticky’ feel, and is slippery- to the extent that I feel like I am constantly slipping off.

Besides being delayed about 20 mins or so, there is no inflight entertainment at all, and the meal on this 3.5 hour flight is a toasted cheese and tomato panini and a drink. I guess this airline is somewhere between an LCC and a very low-end full service one.

Luckily I have brought along my iPad with some K-drama episodes downloaded. After watching 2 of them, I manage to fall asleep for an hour or so which helps to kill time. When I wake up there is a small chocolate waiting for me.

And speaking of time; we land on time 🤪.

Rating: 6/10 (the service by the cabin crew is very friendly).

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