Flight Review: BR 255 – TPE – DPS

I am sitting in seat 38K, a window seat, on this Airbus A330-300 EVA Airways flight bound for Denpasar from Taipei.

The seat is a standard Economy seat in the last row of the front cabin, meaning it is just in front of the toilets. At first I think, ‘oh no 😳’ but it turns out it is absolutely fine. And with no seat behind me, I can comfortably recline my seat for the whole flight without bothering anyone behind me.

Shortly after takeoff a snack mix and drink service comes around – I choose a Ginger Ale, followed by lunch. There is a choice of fish or beef, and I choose the fish which is so so. The prime cake for dessert is good though.

I sleep for an hour or so and spend the rest of my time watching one of the limited movies available on the smaller-than-average monitor.

We land slightly ahead of schedule.

Rating: 6.5/10

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