Lounge Review: Priority Pass Lounge, TPE T2

I am flying on an SQ Business class ticket back to Singapore which gives me access to this lounge. Apparently the SilverKris Lounge is not operating due to limited flights to and from Singapore. So this is the one offered currently.

Covid times….

It is unsurprisingly empty – as far as I can tell I am the only one here, and definitely don’t want to spend too long here either, so I quickly find a spot to sit, order Sesame Oil Chicken noodle soup, and a piece (or so I thought) of chocolate cake – it turns out to be a very very small piece.

Lounge menu

The Internet is strong and I check a few bits and pieces on my iPad before leaving for some duty-free shopping. I forgot how cheap a bottle of Absolute Vodka is – about SG16 for a 750 ml bottle 👍.

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