Flight Review: MI654 – SIN – HAN

I am sitting in Emergency Exit seat 10E, a middle seat, on this Silk Air Airbus A320 aircraft bound for Hanoi. I am lucky to have this seat as when I did an online check-in, the only available seat was a middle seat right at the back of the plane, but at the airport I asked for an EE seat and got it.

Plenty of Legroom!

Being silk air, there are no AV screens, but it is far from a LCC – instead there is a streaming entertainment service that you can view on any Smart Device. Nonetheless there happens to be nothing I want to watch so pull out my iPad and watch a movie I pre-loaded from Netflix in the morning, “The King”.

Whilst watching the movie the meal service comes around with a choice of Fish or Chicken. I choose the latter which comes with fried rice and is pretty bland. Ice cream is served shortly after.

Pretty bland meal….

I suddenly get a rush of tiredness, and fall asleep for about an hour before being woken up by the captain’s announcement that we are landing in 30 minutes.

Rating: 7/10

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