Flight Review: SQ 967 – CGK – SIN

On this return leg to Singapore I am sitting in exit seat 32C on a slightly more modern Boeing 777-300. More modern due to the larger screen and charging availability. Prior to take-off we are offered wet towels and my pre-ordered Seafood meal is confirmed (I request it is brought with a glass of white wine).

Thankfully ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 is available so before take-off I plug in my personal noise-cancelling earphones and get to work 🔌👍.

The meal comes and it’s OK. A piece of fish, beans, carrots, and potatoes in a tomato sauce. I was hoping for a noodle dish with mixed seafood like the one I had coming over. Well I guess I have been eating heavy food for the past week in Indonesia so a lite meal is probably best. The chocolate cake is very good.

It’s a very short flight, service is excellent, and although we take-off late, we land only slightly behind.

Rating: 8.5/10

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