Flight Review: 3K551 – SIN – SGN

I am sitting in the second last row in seat 29F, a window seat, on this Jetstar Asia Airways Airbus A320 flight bound for Ho Chi Minh.

As per all Jetstar flights legroom is a bare minimum and I am squashed for space. But thankfully the flight is less than 2 hours, and with my iPad and meal I have pre-ordered, time flies by.

The pre-paid meal I have chosen is a Japanese-style beef Gyu-Don which comes with water, a coffee cake slice, and some mixed nuts. It is exceedingly expensive for what you get at $22, but as this is a work trip, it can be expensed.

The 20 minute descent into HCM is quite beautiful with an array of colourful lights in the far distance, and we land 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

Rating: 7/10

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