Lounge Review: DNATA Lounge, Changi T1

Still strong in terms of ambiance, food and drink offerings, and service. I enter this lounge using my Priority Pass card (unlimited entry received as part of my Thailand-based Citibank Prestige card benefits) prior to boarding my Jetstar flight to DPS.

The lounge is empty, just me and a couple of other guests in secluded spaces withing the facility. I find easily find a space where I can charge my phone and spread out.

The buffet is set up for breakfast (it is 9.15am) and I help myself to non-traditional breakfast items including a chicken sandwich, meat Arabic pastry and Japanese beef curry. I also make a double Machiatto.

I read the paper, twiddle my thumbs, then leave for the boarding gate.

Perhaps a spot of music would liven up the atmosphere ever so slightly.

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