Flight Review: TG204 – HKT – BKK

I am sitting in the first row of Economy in seat 31C, on this Boeing 747-400 Thai Airways flight bound for Bangkok. It is an emergency exit seat at the door where all passangers board and exit. So as one can imagine it is the ‘circus’ seat. But full legroom so no complaints.

In front of me is the lower deck business class cabin and further ahead first class (but with business class service).

Being an EE row seat, the AV screen is embedded under the seat unlike the others which are on the back of the seat in front. I don’t use it on this short 1.5 hour flight, and instead for the majority of the flight I continue watching my KOREAN drama on Netflix which I have again downloaded onto my iPad and eat the small, simple lunchbox meal provided.

Although we departed late, we arrive on time on this uneventful flight.

Rating: 8/10

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