Flight Review: TG 483 – BKK – PER (Business Class)

I am sitting in seat 15A on this Thai Airways Airbus A330-300 flight bound for Perth. I am flying Business Class having used 30,000 Royal Orchid Plus points to upgrade a semi-flex ticket. Generally not the best deal but my (ex) work paid for the ticket so its a good deal for me.

This cabin is new – and the configuration is an unusual 1-2-2, luckily I am ‘A’ so it is a single seat with both window and aisle access.

The seat is essentially a mini-suite which has an attached space with a number of cabinets and hidden spaces to store your onboard amenities. And most importantly it converts into a fully flat bed. It also has a number of plugs and buttons that do things.

There is a basic amenity pack and slippers provided, as well as a duvet for the bed.

Two meals are offered but I decline the evening light meal as it is midnight and I want to sleep. For breakfast the next day, I choose the Thai omelette served with congee and condiments.

I manage to sleep for about 4 straight hours very comfortably and wake up for the breakfast meal service, which is so-so.

We arrive on time.

Rating: 7.5/10

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