Lounge Review: Krisflyer Gold Lounge, Changi T3

As I am flying Premium Economy on Singapore Airlines shortly, I am technically unable to use this lounge but my partner is Krisflyer Gold so I enter as a guest.

That being said, I am currently on the Air NZ ‘A Touch of Gold’ promotion giving me Star Alliance Gold until April 2019, so could have entered on my own accord anyway.

Nonetheless the lounge is large, bright, not too overcrowded, and has an excellent breakfast selection to choose from. WiFi is available but I don’t bother. My phone actually connects to the SATS lounge WiFi next door intermittently.

I decide to go for an Asian assortment and enjoy vegetarian gyōza, fried beehoon noodles, ha gao, shumai, and sticky rice. Heavy on carbs but great for 6.30am.

And after a quick coffee, I make my way to the gate.

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