Lounge Review: Royal Orchid Lounge, HKG

What I thought is going to be a quick pit stop turns into an hour of pure relaxation. Yes, ignore the reviews. This lounge is large, bright, and colourful. And best of all it has 2 full body Osim massage chairs. And one is free so I grab it and undertake 3 x 15 min courses. Wow its great. I feel alive again after all this non-stop travel.

The only other thing I do in this lounge is have a coconut ice cream with a small Thai jelly dessert. So full and I know there will be another huge meal onboard. Oh what a gluttonous day it’s turning out to be…..

Probably better than the United Club due to the larger choice on the buffet, although reviews online say the SQ Silver Kris Lounge is the best. Haven’t been so I can’t compare.

And it’s off to the gate.

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