Flight Review: TG401 – BKK – SIN

I am sitting in middle aisle seat 36D on this Thai Airways Boeing 777-300 flight bound for Singapore. Its a tad bit old, and the legroom somewhat squashy, but not uncomfortable, thanks to the empty seat next to me.

As I have pre-ordered a Kosher meal (it’s Friday night after all), a flight attendant confirms my order as I take my seat. When it arrives shortly after take-off, the hot portion is cold, so I ask for it to be reheated which they do with much apology.

The fried fish with rice and stale bread roll meal is actually not good at all, and thankfully I’m not hungry anyway thanks to all the food I ate in both lounges at the airport before boarding. The chocolate cake is OK. And so is the whiskey and diet coke 😉.

During the just under 2-flight I watch a delightful comedy, ‘The Bookclub’ which I highly recommend!

Service is very friendly, and we takeoff and land on time, and because of this, the flight gets a ‘highish’ score.

Rating: 7.5/10

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