Hotel Review: Hilton Bali

We booked this hotel on an advanced purchase non-refundable rate PRIOR to receiving notification that the hotel would be under renovation during our stay.

Nonetheless after emails to and from the hotel we were assured any disruptions during the stay would be minimised.

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Not quite what happened. The ongoing banging, drilling, and unsightly view of construction from our ‘upgraded’ Ocean View room was less than desirable for a relaxing stay in Bali.

Putting this negativity aside, the resort has massive potential and will be a stunner once complete, and I will probably return ONCE RENOVATIONS are finished.

On the positive, the service is quite outstanding. Everywhere and at every touchpoint with guests, the team members greet you. This is a really nice touch.

The room is an upgraded Ocean View room but it is essentially just a tired studio with a view of Cliff Tower in front (undergoing the reno) and the ocean. The balcony door does not close well and there is an incessant howling noise from the wind all night. So construction during the day, and howling wind all night.

The quality of food leaves much to be desired for. My hamburger at the Diamond Lounge was under-cooked and tasteless. My pork-belly at the Indonesian bar and restaurant, Paon, I am pretty sure was beef, and as tough as a brick. But it is hard to complain to the waiter when the service is so lovely and genuine.

I wont go on as I realise the resort is under construction. I am just irritated at having to pay for a sub-standard product verses what we are told/sold.

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The highlight for me was the release of 92 baby turtles into the sea. A bucket-list for me and a wonderful that the hotel has this initiative. It’s a shame there was so much plastic on the beach though.

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