Hotel Review: Radisson Blu, Hua Hin

Beautiful, modern, arty hotel around a 15 minute drive from the downtown touristy area of Hua Hin.

On day 2 of our stay we are told via a notice slipped under our door that from Sunday, April 1st – the hotel will change its management to ‘Ace’ hotel – a local brand. And wow they are fast to change the signage – at 10.30pm the front signage is being taken down and replaced with new branding.

But I notice the branded bathrobe still has the Radisson logo sown into the pocket, and a few other amenities are still branded. I guess it will take a while for the full change to occur.

Putting all of that aside, the hotel is lovely, not too big that you are just a number and a room – rather the personalized service is everywhere. For example we ask for 6 Champagne flutes and within 5 minutes they arrive with a smile.

We request an upgraded room in the middle of the resort on the second floor overlooking one of the 3 pools. It is very spacious, well equipped, and has an oversized balcony with double sofa ‘bed’.

Breakfast on both days of our stay is plentiful with a wide variety of hot and cold favourites.

Not sure if I will return to Hua Hin – there are so many places to visit in Thailand, but if I do, it might be here again.

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