Lounge Review: Royal Silk Lounge, concourse D, BKK

My flight check-in was great. Wizzed through security check and immigration. Then I went to the lounge underneath where I am now. But not for long….

A huge lounge, but an underwhelming experience. Crowded, not enough seating, basic food, no wine or spirits. I hope this is not a precursor to my upcoming Business Class flight on Thai Airways.

And the people keep coming. Down the escalator from the premium check-in area by Door 1 of the Departures area. And they are wondering around trying to find a seat. No luck.

There are so many better lounges at this airport. Yet this is the flagship Thai lounge. I don’t get it. No Thai smiles from the staff either.

I wish I brought my Priority Pass with me….

My beer is lukewarm, and the few snacks they have are either too oily or tasteless.

After about 30 minutes I leave to aimlessly wander around the airport waiting to board my flight.

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