Flight Review: TG635 – TPE – BKK

I am sitting in seat 32C, on this Thai Airways Boeing 777 (7W) flight bound for Bangkok from Taipei. My seat is very special – a row of 3 behind a row of 2, giving me full leg-space in front of me. Because of this, my AV screen comes out of the side of the seat and is very small. Nonetheless the extra legroom is a blessing.

Service is stiff, not friendly at all, and shortly after takeoff the flight attendants come around firstly with a snack pack and drink, and then the meal which is a choice of, I am told of ‘Pork or Chicken, both with rice. Which one?’. I am not hungry and pluck away at my choice.

I begin to watch a movie but am too tired on this late flight to watch it through, and fall asleep for a couple of hours before we land…

Land….20 minutes behind schedule.

Rating: 7/10

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