Flight Review: VA162 – SYD – ZQN

I am sitting in seat 7A, a window seat, on this Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The middle seat is empty, and my partner is sitting on the aisle seat, so we are able to spread out for the 3 hour flight.

Service is pleasant and we are surprised to be offered a hot XMAS meal shortly after take-off – Neither of us realise it is included in our ticket class. It consists of cheese and crackers, roast turkey and the trimmings, plum pudding, and a glass of red.

I watch an episode of Modern Family from the VA app I downloaded onto my iPad (similar to Silk Air) but for the majority of the flight I lay down over the 3 seats and sleep.

Just as I wake up the seatbelt signs go in for landing. A good flight.

Rating: 8.5/10

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