Lounge Review: Miracle First Class Lounge, opposite gate D6, BKK

It’s been a good month since I was last here, and nothing’s changed / it’s as perfect as always. Great ambiance, food, alcohol, and strong wifi. And pretty much empty. Love it!

Today I decide to take it easy and find a nice quiet nook to do some work before boarding. Although I usually go all out with the made-to-order Thai and Chinese dishes, and binge at the buffet, today it is just a coffee and some sweet snacks to give me the energy I need to do some solid work.

I spend a good 90 minutes in here before moving to the boarding gate.

I really like these non-rushed, quiet mornings before a flight. And this lounge, as I’ve said before, is by far the best at BKK airport. So sad to hear though that from 2018, JCB Platinum card holders will only have 2 visits per year as opposed to unlimited currently.

Oh well, I suppose all good things must come to an end……

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