Lounge Review: The Qantas Lounge, Changi T1

My super cheap Jetstar ticket coupled with my QFF gold status gets me access to my 2nd favorite lounge.

It’s been a while – probably 6 months since I was last here, due to the fact that I mostly fly Star Alliance now that I live in Bangkok.

A warm welcome from an ex-colleague (😜), and I am ushered into a world of free bespoke cocktails, Neil Perry (I think) dining, showers with organic products, and pleasant smiling staff.

I begin my 2 hour journey with an espresso martini (partner gets a chocolate version), followed by orange infused water (don’t want to get drunk), and then move onto the many salads on offer (beet and barley, green goddess etc).

Shower time and I utilize one of the stalls with fluffy towels and nice-smelling Australian organic products with names such as ‘macadamia and (some fruit)’ conditioner and so on.

Next, and after trying the buffet selection of eggplant parmigiana and beef stew, I sit down to a more formal Sang Choi Bow prepared by the in house chef. Parter has the Chicken Laksa and says it is quite good.

I finish with a selection of desserts. The Auntie suggests the ‘healthy’ carrot cake and I suggest nothing that looks like that is

healthy. It is delicious.

And after all that I leave for the gate.

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