Flight Review: MI481 – MLE – SIN

On this return leg to Singapore I am sitting in Business Class seat 2A, a window seat on this Airbus A320 aircraft.

The seat is similar to a standard domestic business class seat, with minimal recline and manual controls.

Prior to take off the flight attendant comes around and asks what post-take off drink followed by main meal we would like. I request a glass of Champagne and she asks if I would like crisps or pretzels with it. I request it with crisps.

When the seatbelt light extinguishes, no drink service eventuates (the flight attendant admits she forgot), but the tray with the meal is handed out. I choose the chicken and it is nothing special. In fact very Economy class. I have this with a glass of red wine and then the champagne arrives. Dessert is a piece of pandan cake. Bland and boring.

But then again the ticket was purchased at 50% off standard mileage with KrisFlyer miles (a promotion) – only 18,000 miles for the 4.5 hour flight so a bargain really. Well, it’s all perspective really.

Service nonetheless is efficient and very friendly.

For the rest of the flight I flick between movies available on the tablet given only to Business Class passengers, but there is nothing much I fancy watching, so try to sleep for the remainder of the flight.

Oh – did I mention the stunning views?

Rating: 7/10

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