Flight Review: TG306 – YGN – BKK

I am sitting a little further back than normal in window seat 41A in a 2-4-2 configured Thai Airways A330-300 aircraft. It is quite comfy and is an up to date product with large AV screen and USB charger.

The captain announces the flight will be 1.05 hours so decided to watch a couple of episodes of ‘Modern Family’ season 8.

The meal service comes around and it is small, but not too bad. It consists of a spinach, mushroom and cheese tortilla wrap, chocolate brownie, and a bottle of water. This is followed by a drink service and I grab a white wine.

All is good until we land and the plane stops. Yep, it’s the bus again to the terminal. What is it with this route???

Rating: 7/10

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