Flight Review: SQ872 – SIN – HKG

I am sitting in seat 11D, the first seat in Business class, on this Boeing B777-300 bound for Bangkok. 
Now this is the Business Class I am used to when flying SQ. Cream-colored leather fully-reclinable seats unlike the aircraft coming over. It eventually converts into an ‘angle’ lie-flat seat. Hi 
Soon after take-off we are offered drinks and a hot wet towel. I take a sip of champagne but that’s all, as I am unwell and choose hot ginger tea with lemon and honey for the rest of the flight.
The entertainment selection is smaller than coming over to Singapore on my previous flight, and I am unable to watch the rest of the movie, ‘Passengers’. There is nothing else I am interested in watching except a documentary on the founder of the Zara clothing brand. So I pull out my trusty iPad pre-loaded with programs I need to catch up on.
Dinner is served next. I have a pre-ordered ‘book-the-cook’ meal served first – an Indian-style lamb shank served with some spicy accompaniments. It’s a little bland. The dessert – a tiramisu-flavored ice-cream is good. My partner thinks the apple crumble is too hard. I don’t drink anything with my meal, and shortly after I finish I convert the seat into bed  mode a get an hour or so of rest.
It is really cold in the cabin and although the plush, soft blankets are large, they still don’t seem to do the trick (could also be because I am unwell).

As we prepare to depart the plane, a lovely flight attendant comes over with a birthday cake boxed and ready to take with me. She says she didn’t want to wake me up during the flight. Very sweet and lovely touch. And a great partner for organizing.

We land late as there was a plane change resulting in a late departure.
Rating: 8/10
#singaporeair  #sq

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