Lounge Review: Louise Tavern CIP lounge, Concourse C, BKK

One of the benefits of holding the JCB Platinum card is entry to a number of Airline lounges across Asia. My partner has one and I am a Supplementary card holder so gain access as well.
Today is my first time to use it and choose the lounge closest to my boarding gate at concourse C.

The check-in process is lengthy, a number of forms and photocopies, but soon I am in.
It is quite sparse, dimly lit, and quiet. There is a reasonable selection of food, including fruit and salads, and a fair selection of alcoholic beverages.
I have ordered a seafood meal on my upcoming flight so choose a few light snack in the lounge. Simple, yet fine.
I have read a number of negative reviews regarding the Louis Tavern lounges at BKK airport but this one is not bad. 

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