Flight Review: 3K512 – BKK – SIN

I am on a Jetstar ‘Starter’ fare in aisle seat 7C on the Airbus A320 aircraft.
Boarding starts at 0915 which is the scheduled departure time so I expect to arrive behind schedule (which we do).
I have my trusty iPad with today’s news, a couple of free magazines from the terminal, and a bottle of water I have illegally brought on board as the ‘Starter’ fare does not come with any inclusions.
The plane is full, but the flight attendants are friendly enough considering the noisy, pushy passengers on board. The guy behind me keeps pressing his knee into the back of my seat making the journey very uncomfortable.
Due to the delayed departure we arrive approximately 1 hour late in Singapore.
I’m not a happy flyer today.
Rating: 5/10.

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