Lounge Review: Premier Lounge, DPS

Been here a number of times since it opened a couple of years back and nothing has changed. Although this is the first time I have been here so early – around 9am. The ambiance is nice at this time of the morning – Balinese music is pipped through the sound system and it is relatively empty. Staff are as friendly and smiling as ever.

The breakfast buffet is a nice spread – from chicken soup to Nasi Goreng, omelettes, and a number of different cakes and snacks. I try the chicken soup and then have a coffee with a mini muffin. Don’t want to eat too much so as to enjoy the business class experience of my upcoming Silk Airways flight back to Singapore.

The wifi here is strong, and I am able to download and respond to some emails that have been queuing in my inbox.

About 45 mins after entering I make my way to the boarding gate.

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