Flight Review: TG409: BKK-SIN

The return leg of this short journey finds me in Emergency Exit row seat 47C on the Boeing 777-300 Thai Airlines aircraft.
Plenty of leg room again and all for free thanks to Turkish Airlines temporary Gold status. 
Before the plane takes off I fall asleep. It must have been the wine in the lounge. Nonetheless I wake up 30 minutes after take-off to a delicious meal consisting of Thai Snapper, papaya salad and coffee cream mousse. It’s delicious. I request a glass of wine but after a sip it’s enough.
I am hoping to finish the movie I started on the leg over but my video screen is not working. Not to worry, I brought on board a copy of my favorite magazine- ‘Business Traveller’ and have downloaded the newspaper onto my iPad.
Rating: 8/10

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